Jan Georges Eeckhout .
Born   :   16-09-1960, Gent Belgium.


  • Diploma of medical Qigong therapy, Beijing Western District Medical Qigong Science and T.C.M. Research Institute of Beijing, Reg. No 980206.112,(China), 2006
  • Master in Medical Qigong (M.M.Q.), International Institute medical Qigong ( Ireland, Prof. J.A.Johnson PhD., D.M.T., D.M.Q.) overseas College of the Henan University (China)(1500h), 2004.
  • Osteopath D.O., College Sutherland of osteopathic medicine (B)(1500h), 1996-2002.
  • Diploma in Chinese Fytotherapie (Dipl.Fyto) O.T.C.G., Belgian College of T.C.M. ,Belgium, (202h), 2001.
  • Diploma Acupuncturist (Dipl.Ac.), European University for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Utrecht-Antwerp (B)(800h), 1985-1988.
  • Physiotherapist (Bachelor of Physiotherapy.), Gent (B), 1982.

Certifications Traditional Chinese medicine:

  • China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center (3 weeks),  Beijing, 1988.
  • Basic Course, Mantac Chia, Healing sounds, Iron Shirt, Belgium,(40h), 1996.         
  •  Shaolin Wudang Zhang Ymaa Zonhoven (B), centrum Qiankun, practice Medical  Qi gong, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, 1998
  • First Level Degree, Taoist massage (tuina anmo) and Qi gong and Theory of Taoist T.C.M. basics (100 h.),  Taoist Studies Centre,  Antwerp- Belgium, 2000.
  • Basic Practice of Ba gua zhang, Xing yi quan, Yuan qi gong, Baxian, xinggong, Taoist Studies Center, Antwerp-Belgium(100h.), 1996-2000.
  • Shan Han Lun, Prof.Dr. Li Yang, O.T.C.G.(32 hours), Belgium,2001.
  • Certificates of the ‘Medizinische Gesellschaft für Qigong Yangsheng’ Prof. Jiao Guorui (D) : Youfagong  Baduanjin, , Taijiqigong ,E-mei, Methode, Wuqinxin, Fuqiyangshengfa (total 350h.), Germany,2002- 2006.
  • Certificate Taoist Neiyanggong with Dr. Liu Yafei (60h.), 2002-2005
  • Certificates of practice at the Quimetao Centre (Paris, Fr.) with Dr.T.C.M. Jian Liujun: Cancer Qigong, Hui Gong 2005.       
  • Long Hu Shan , Tian Shi Monastery, Initial course in Yi Jing, Thunder Magic, Mudras, Mantras, Talismans,…,(35h.) China  Oct. 2005.
  • Kong Ran qigong, Beijing Western District Medical qigong science and T.C.M. Research Institute, Prof. Teng Ying Bo,(84 h.) China Oct. 2006.
  • Shamanic qigong, Long life programme, Int. alchemy, San yuan qigong, wuxing qigong, ba gua, Zhongxian Wu,(42.h.)  U.S.A. May 2007.
  • Internal alchemy (incl. Ho drawing and Luo writing, Ba gua diagnostic, practice of the former, internal alchemy process), Hu Xuezhi,(84h.) Wudangshan, China, 2007.
  • Kong Ran qigong, Beijing, Prof. Teng Ying Bo (10 h.), 2007.
  • Guigen qigong, Beijing , Xi yuan Hospital, Dr. Xu, (40h.), 2008.
  • Acupuncture clinic practice, Beijing, Xi yuan Hospital, Dr. Wang (20h),2008.
  • Tibetian Yoga, Lama Zeupa, Tibetan Institute , (6h), Belgium, 2009.
  • Tai Chi and Tibetian Yoga, Lama Zeupa, Nello Mauro, Tibetan Institute, Belgium, (12h), 2009.
  • Medical qigong, Master Zhang Yuanming, Sechuan Province, Chengdu, China (48h), 2009.
  • N.A.D.A., anti abuses acupuncture, O.T.C.G., 2days, Antwerp, 2009.
  • Practice and theory of primordial taiji, qigong, Grandmaster Zhang Yuanming, OTCG,Vaalbeek (20h.), 2010.      
  • Practice and theory of medical qigong healing en tuina, Grandmaster Zhang Yuanming, OTCG,Antwerp (11h.), 2010.
  • 3 step system of chinese pulse reading, Frances Turner, Antwerp , OTCG, (24h.), 2010.
  • Certificate of ‘Medizinische Gesellshaft für Qigong Yangsheng’, T7 ,  Köln (23h.), 2011
  • Scalpacupuncture, OTCG, Peter De Vilder, Antwerpen (5h.),2011.
  • Acupuncture course, China Beijing International Training Center, 10 days, China, April, 2011
  • Classical Qigong, , NewCastle, England ( 6 days), 2011
  • Classical Taijiquan, , NewCastle, England (6 days), 2011
  • Classical Qigong, , New Castle, (6days) England, 2011-2012
  • Qi healing in acupuncture practice , Zhong xian Wu, Staden (5 days) , Belgium, 09/2012, Belgium
  • Tibetan Meditation, Chinee and Lhaktong, 5 days, Huy, Tib . Institute, Lama Tisha Niyma, Belgium , 2013.
  • Diagnostic, Puls taking and acupuncture,(52hours), Huaihua, Red Cross Hospital, Dr Peng, China, April 2013
  • Classical mindful neijiaquan and practice of Bodhisattva, Lama, Dondrup Dorje, 12 hours, Athene, Greece, October 2013
  • Cosmic circle and nei jia qigong, Master Zhong Xianwu, ,17 hours, Düsseldorf, Germany, Nov.2013
  • Xin yi and internal alchemy qigong, Master Zhong Xianwu, 8 days, Taigu Temple , China, April, 2014.
  • Abdominal acupuncture, Tuvia Scott, 12,5 hours, Antwerp, Belgium, 2014
  • Tummo, inner fire and bliss , interne alchemie, Lama Tulkun Labsong, 5 dagen, Belgie,2014
  • Tai Chi for arthritis, Tai chi for Health, 2 days, OTCG, Belgium Antwerp,2015
  • Kalashakra practice, 2 daysTulku Lobsang, Antwerp, Belgium, 2015
  • T.C.M. and Cancer, Prof .Li Jie 2 days, Antwerp, OTCG,  Belgium ,2015
  • T.C.M. Congres, Rothenburg , 3 days, Rothenburg Germany, 2015
  • Dr Tan Balance Method, Full Training, Antwerp, Belgium, 2015

Certificates Western Medicine and Osteopathy:

  •  Certificates, Faculty Medicine, University of Gent (B), human anatomy (successfully  examined ), 1996
  • Basic Course, Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation (40 h.) , Belgium- U.S.A., 2000.
  • Evidence-Based Medicine, Belgian Branche of Cochrane Collaboration, Prof. Dr. B. Aertgeerts, 2004.
  • Anatomy, CORPP, D.O. S.Hagopien M.D.,2days,2004.
  • Pathology of hart blood vessels and application of osteopathy CORPP, Dr. C.Marien,2 days,2005.
  • Neuropathology and psychology and applications of osteopathy, CORPP, C.Bervoets M.D., 2 days, 2006.
  • Gynaecology and paediatrics and applications of osteopathy, CORPP,  A.Waterschoot M.D., G.Van Berlaer M.D., 2 days, 2006.
  • Psychology in professional sports, Head psychology A.C.Milan, I.A.O. Gent, 2days, 2009.
  • Integrated techniques of osteopathy (embryology and anatomy based), F.De Bakker D.O., 4days, September 2009.
  • Integrated techniques of osteopathy (embryology and anatomy based), F.De Bakker D.O., 4days, November  2009.
  • Integrated techniques of osteopathy (embryology and anatomy based), F.De Bakker D.O., 4days, March 2010.
  • Integated techniques of osteopathy (embryology and anatomy based),  F.De Bakker D.O., 4 days, June 2010.
  • Integrated techniques of osteopathy (embryology and anatomy based) , F. De Bakker D.O., 4 days, March 2012.
  • Integrated techniques of osteopathy (embryology and anatomy based) , F. De Bakker D.O., 4 days, September 2012
  • Integrated techniques of osteopathy (embryology and anatomy based) , F. De Bakker D.O., 4 days, December, 2013

Other Certifications:

  • Chinese language, Level I  A+B, Prov. Adult Education Centre, 120 Hours ( with examine), Gent, 2007..
  • Chinese language, Level II  A+B, Prov. Adult Education Centre, 120 Hours (with examine), Gent, 2008.
  • Chinese language Level III A, Adult Education Centre, 120 Hours ( with examen), Gent, 2015.


  • Licensed physiotherapist ( not practicing anymore).
  • Licensed acupuncturist and osteopath D.O. in Belgium.


  • Member of the Belgian Acupuncture Federation (BAF).
  • Member of the Belgian Association of Osteopaths (BVO,GNRPO).
  • Member of the International Institute of Medical Qigong (U.S.A.).              
  • Member of the Medical Association of Qigong Yangsheng (Germany).    

I have had my own practice as a full-time independent acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist, osteopath and medical Qi gong since 1993.